Salut mes amis!

I have successfully survived my first weekend in France and decided it was time to use this rainy Sunday morning to get my blog up and running. This blog has been in the back of my mind for a while and it feels good to finally be writing my first post!

As my mom and I drove up here from Madrid at the crack of dawn on Wednesday morning of the 11th of May, we discussed my future blog ideas and I decided there is no use talking about a blog, but rather just writing it!!

For the next three months I’ll be a design intern at a major apparel brand here on the southern coast of France… Given the fact I am interning and living in a foreign country, I decided to start a blog to document the musings of a wanderer – someone who never feels from any one place in particular, and who always has itchy feet for discovery and continuous learning.

Aside from travelling in France, I also have a trip to Lisbon to look forward to, in the coming month. And the fun doesn’t end there… During the month of August I’ll be experiencing a major change of scenery as I head off to Ethiopia to collaborate at an English summer camp in the rural market town of Zway. A truly unique experience I cannot wait to blog about and share.

My dad is already my first loyal follower, even though I haven’t posted a single thing yet! I figured I should at least have an intro post with more about my future wanderings (both physical and imaginary) to follow…

  • Francisco

    well done… you have the four of us reading your blog in my computer, all smiling and thinking “like oh my gash” !!