Balenciaga-1938-adOn the 10th of June they inaugurated the museum dedicated to probably the greatest Spanish designer of all: Cristobal Balenciaga. The museum is in none other than the designer’s home town. A gorgeous, picturesque, fishing boat town, also known as Getaria, on the coast of the Basque Country. This is where I spent my Saturday.I would highly recommend the museum to anyone remotely interested in fashion, design, or simply in beautiful things. My photos surely don’t do these couture masterpieces any justice, and unfortunately the dim lighting of the museum (harsh lighting causes fabric to fade faster) made good pictures hard to come by. But we tried our best, and captured most (if not all) of the hundred or so pieces exhibited.

Balenciaga’s history is housed in a contemporary building with towering ceilings, and huge glass windows. A student like myself can buy a ticket for an affordable 5€ and experience the couturier’s work laid out in different halls based on the occasion of the dress: day, cocktail, night, wedding, and finally a capsule collection of his most technical, and constructively-complex pieces.
I thought I would share in this post some of what I was fortunate enough to see, and I hope you enjoy this little preview of the work of one of the most talented and perfectionist masters of dress that ever lived…

Inevitably, one does not go to Balenciaga’s home town and not stay for a few hours to actually visit it. Especially when it is as beautiful as Getaria is. Honestly it is no wonder that this designer evoked such beauty in his creations when he was surrounded by this kind of beauty every day of his childhood.
[Photo credit: 1. DisneyRollerGirl | all other images are mine]