There are few things not to love about the City of Lights. But if I had to narrow it down, here’s a few I would choose from my recent trip there… Such as roaming the quiet streets and watching the sun rise before the tourists appear.

Reading the names of lovers written on the locks of Notre Dame bridge

Getting lost and finding a little charming street you would never have found otherwise (this happened to me a lot considering that I’ve realized how awful my map skills really are!)
People watching at Luxembourg gardens and laughing at all the kids running around the fountain with their sticks to push the little sailboats.

Having a local, sweet old Parisian man recommend a good and inexpensive wine at the grocery store (he bought the same bottle).Munching on bread and camembert, and sipping the previously recommended wine, in front of the Tour Eiffel at sunset. 

Meeting crazy people from all over the world at the even crazier party that is the annual, Bastille festival Bal au Pompiers (yes, this is a huge raving Fireman’s party open to the public and hosted by the sexy firemen of Paris in their very own station yard!)

“Brunch” at a little local bar in the 17th arrondisement where an eccentric writer gives advice to a young woman, and where the customers drink each others coffee by accident and then laugh about it.                                                           

Leah‘s chic Parisian style no matter where we went, rain or shine. Biking along the river Seine and trying to dodge the masses of people as they make funny faces when trying to skive out of the way

Popping in and out of all the curious little boutiques in the Marais.
Going on midnight hunts for crepes after we had been craving one all day.

Seeing the Paris views like a kid again, on the giant flying swings.
Trying to communicate with our new Brazilian friends we met at the youth hostel over the most expensive Heinekens in the world…

Bargain hunting and vintage boutique shopping in the Marche aux Puces Saint-Ouen.
Picnic inside the Louvre, next to the Mona Lisa, laughing as everyone else in the world tries to take a 50 mile away picture of a little smiling woman

Enjoying the peacefulness of Renoir, Degas, and Pissaud at the Musee d’Orsay for free.

Watching the funniest street entertainer I have ever witnessed, while sitting on the steps of the museum (Leah and I laughed so hard we were crying)

Being transported to another time in the Shakespeare & Co. bookstore
Running through the rain in the puddle-filled streets of Saint Germain de Pres. 

Watching Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris, and walking out of the cinema, at midnight… in Paris.

Enjoying live music and Sauvignon blanc whilst watching a traveling musician/tourist pull out his guitar to play with the local band.
Hearing all about the best restaurant in France, Chateaubriand, from our passionate new Brazilian friend who wants to become a chef…We experienced finest French cuisine without breaking the bank.

Leaving Paris with great laughs, fond memories, wonderful wine, sore feet, new friendships, and a profound desire to one day return and never have to leave again…
[Photo credit: mine]