Yesterday was kind of an overcast day on the coast of France so I decided to leave my little surf village for a day and head down South to the slightly more glamorous Biarritz. I’d always heard that Biarritz has some great shopping and cute boutiques that are unique and très chic! Being an intern-on-a-budget, I wasn’t really in a position to do any buying, but since window shopping is free, I thought it a perfect occasion to check out said boutiques…

Divine Chapellerie – Avenue Victor Hugo 8

This “divine” little hat store really does justice to its name. It’s exactly what you would expect a french hat shop to look like. Most of their hats are hand made, and come in all shapes and sizes… just looking in the window was fun!

Elysees Parfums – Place Georges Clemenceau 3
The old wooden store front with the antique shelving displays inside, makes it kind of unique when you compare it to the Sephoras of the world. They had a good selection of perfumes, with both the big brands as well as the smaller boutique names.
Mise en Page – Avenue Mar Juin 13
I didn’t actually go into this little paper store as it was closed, but it stopped me dead in my tracks when I saw this fabulous set of Faber Castell pencils… just having a box of art supplies like that would be amazing! A little steep, however, when you consider it’s about $1,000… for a box of pencils??!!
Biarritz Danse – Rue Maison Suisse 9
For a former dancer like myself, a pretty little dance wear boutique like this one undoubtedly got my attention. Full of tutu’s, leotards, and pointe slippers, it made me feel like dancing again!
Les Enfants Terribles – Rue de Port Vieux 2
I could have stayed in this store all afternoon! It was the most fun little shop I’ve been in in a long time, with hundreds of awesome graphic tees, with the kinds of artsy slogans and vintage faces on them that make you feel super cool when you’re wearing them… Not to mention all the awesome knick knacks and random items that you never actually need but invariably want! The owners are obviously incredibly trendy themselves, and look like they live life as kids…(if only we all could). Check out their own blog for more insight into this fun corner: http://enfanterrible.canalblog.com/

Berenice Avenue Edouard VII 9

I think my main reason for including this store in my list is because of the name. When any Southern European (be it Spanish or French) tries to pronounce the V,  from the English word ‘very’, it inevitably sounds like a B… which is why this name just made me smile.

Alice Springs – Avenue Edouard VII 5
This neighboring boutique, on the other hand, is definitely special for what’s inside the store. With brands like American Retro and Manoush, the owner definitely had a selective and exquisite taste when it came to the pieces hanging on the four walls: all wearable and one-of-a-kind.
In the Middle – Rue Alcide Augey 11
This particular store was actually recommended to me by someone at work, and I have to say, though it took me forever to find, it was well worth the wander… With a taste for selection kind of like Alice Springs, only on the edgier side, this little corner shop houses name brands like Comme des Garcons, Surface to Air, Levi’s Vintage, WoodWood, and Bérangère Claire. You’ll find lots of French stripes, great denim washes, and updated basics – which are definitely more special than your average t-shirt – not to be worn to the gym! Although it might be a splurge for the average college budget, they had a pretty good sales selection, and an online store and blog to check out if you’re bored. http://www.inthemiddle.fr/prestashop/ 
Alexandra Blons – Rue Pellot 8
Definitely a step up from the boutiques we’ve seen before, this store is where you take a rich, French socialite boyfriend to buy you your dress for dinner with his parents… With lines such as Guy Laroche and Martin Margiela, this is the where you go when you have to dress to impress!
Galerie de la Reine – Avenue Marne 3
This was the last, unexpected treasure I found on my way out of town. A neat antique store full of old and unique treasures. My favorite? The pop-art-print dress form!
[Photo credit: 1-7, 9-13: mine, 8: In The Middle]
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