Sundays have always been “market days” in my mind. I don’t know why exactly, but the two words just kind of  go together… Sunday market. While I didn’t go to any markets on this St. Patties Sunday, I’m reminiscing a trip I made two weeks ago to other now-distant markets... Those on London’s Southbank.The Southbank Book Market is hidden under Waterloo Bridge and is basically a bunch of folding tables holding a greater bunch of second hand books. While I was expecting a much bigger market than what I came across, the choice of books was interesting, eclectic, and inexpensive. But the best part? Probably the fact that you can spend as long as you like sifting through yellowing tomes whilst enjoying a, albeit grey, view of the Thames.

Borough Market is a natural next stop. A 25 minute walk from Waterloo Bridge, following the river, it is a green, pulsing, fresh foodie market that is reputed for having the best produce in London. Anyone who cares about the quality and provenance of what goes into their stomach comes to Borough Market. And while a budgeting, 20-something vegetarian might not splurge on Cumbria specialty meats; there is still a certain pleasure to be had  in just looking at the array of raw, colorful, glorious food.

Southbank Book Market
Queen’s Walk (Waterloo Bridge)
South East London
Borough Market
8 Southwark Street
South East London

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