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The basic instruction for life couldn't be simpler: live it. But sometimes the apparently most simple guidelines are the hardest to follow: they can be interpreted in many ways. Life is similar. When there seem to be various paths to take, so many ways to live, and none that seem right for us, we seek answers. This is where a place like The School of Life comes in...

Nobody can tell you exactly how to live your life, and when fortunate to be able to actually choose, we need to remember we're a very lucky minority. But I, like most people, feel rather lost most of the time. It's somewhat comforting that I can learn or read up on how to feel a little less lost. Even if I am the only one who can eventually decide my direction, regardless of what books might tell me, new ideas never hurt. And this is what The School of Life provides... Ideas.

The shop is a small haven in the middle of a narrow, bustling Marchmont street. I wanted to buy all the books in their carefully curated selection, as each seemed to hold such promising answers. The trinkets and decor were fun too, but what I would have really liked to try out was one of their events. 
From a class on 'How To Have Better Conversations' to an intensive crash course on 'Generating Creativity', these events are in high demand and fill up fast. I checked the website for courses with more than a week in advance and found that many had been booked for months! Luckily their blog is filled with (free) fascinating articles and topics that make up for missing out on the live versions. 
Next time I'm in London, I hope to make it to one of their courses. Till then, I'll try and follow life's most basic instruction. 

The School of Life
70 Marchmont Street
London. WC1N 1AB

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