[Illustration by: Hennie Haworth]
It's Monday and, if you're anything like me, you need a little motivation to get you going; to face the week cheery-eyed and bushy-tailed. So here's a round-up of things to look forward to this week. Go on, get out there and do things!
Evening of Chocolat at Beas of Bloomsbury -
As I write this, the rain has been pouring down for seven hours straight and isn't letting up any time soon. So, on a grey day like this, how could it possibly get better than indulging in a steamy, dark, velvety cup of hot chocolate? The answer is enjoying this cup in the presence of Johnny Depp. Which is what cake extraordinaire Bea’s of Bloomsbury is proposing for this coming (probably rainy) Thursday evening. Watch the screening of the film ‘Chocolat’ while biting into the same chocolates enjoyed by the characters. Valhrona is co-hosting and there will no doubt be enough cocoa going around to award you with a visit to the dentist. 

Russell Brand's 'Messiah Complex' Show -
The US-resident, messiah of British comedy is returning home to do what he was once known best for: stand-up. His touring show, ‘Messiah Complex’ is only in London for two days next week – Monday 14 and Tuesday 15 – until he’s back again in December. Who doesn't laugh with Russell [the] Grand?
London Film Festival: I'll be watching Le Weekend -
This week will see the end of the London Film Festival. I’m personally anxious to see Le Weekend – a sweet comedy about a  retired, British couple who go to Paris for their second honeymoon. Crass, sarcastic British humor set in Paris? It sounds like my kind of movie.
Free Burritos at Chilangos -
After living in Texas, and traveling for a summer in Mexico, I have had good Mexican/Tex-Mex food. It was hard to come by in Paris, so here’s to hoping that London’s offerings will be better. Chilangos was voted as best burrito in London in 2012… I plan to do a little free taste-testing to see for myself this Wednesday 16. Note: the offer is only available at their new store opening on Leather Lane.

Ink & Drink: Remember when you used to spend hours coloring? -
“Color within the lines!” All adults have this not-so-secret frustration with children who just want to let the colors run free across the page. So now these adults can color in their own grown-up versions of coloring books (and stay perfectly within the lines if they wish). The Wallace Collection is offering a night of 'Ink & Drink', showcasing a line of black and white illustrations to be brought to life by you! All with wine glass in hand, of course. Book a free ticket online here.
National Geographic 'Then & Now': in it's final week, not to be missed!
See the evolution of our complex world through the eyes of National Geographic photographers. They’ve dug deep into their archives to produce this ‘Then & Now’ exhibit of prints, which is sadly in its final week at the Beetles + Huxley Gallery.
[Photo credit: Diving Penguins by David Doubilet]
Store Street Shindig -
Living in the literary neighborhood of Bloomsbury, I have been seeing the signs for its annual festival pop up all over the place. The highlight of this festival though, might just be on cute and prim Store Street, who’s throwing a bash this Saturday. We’re promised a colorful street party for all ages, where the independent locales will be offering music, entertainment, food, and workshops. Balloons and banners included.
Luz Interruptus Secret Light Installation -
If you’re walking the London streets at some time close to sunset this Wednesday 16 October, you might just be lucky enough to catch the urban artists from Luz Interruptus in action. This team of Spanish artists use light as their medium and started out in Madrid with the goal of highlighting (literally) problems in the city that were going unnoticed by officials and public. They've now been commissioned by Spain NOW! 2013 to create a piece for London (follow #luzinterruptus on Twitter for clues to the secret venue of this future installation).

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