Do you feel like you’ve stagnated somehow? That you know what you want but you’ve reached a road-block and can’t seem to get around it to the other side, which is so close – you can see it – but you just can’t move towards it? I do. I’m at this point right now. Days look like print copies of each other, and I’m not producing a whole lot of stimulating, creative material that makes me stop, get excited and think, this is IT! But I’ve found there is something that helps: someone who has gone through this process telling me not to quit. So if you’re struggling with that gap in creativity, or just need a nudge to keep going, then I suggest you watch the video below.

You may be a regular follower of the voice of Ira Glass on his radio show This American Life. Or, you may be like me, and just recently discovered his motivational storytelling. But when German-based artist Daniel Sax discovered Ira Glass, he went and created a visual, animated short to share one of the storyteller’s most inspirational talks. The result is clever and uplifting – I wouldn’t be surprised if you watch it more than once. For all you creative types, in whatever capacity, this is for you…

[Photo credit: HonestlyWTF]