One of the great things about falling down the rabbit hole of the internet, is that you can find another world at the other end. In this case, an illustrated world. On one of my recent trips through the internet, I came across the colorful site of the Tokyo Illustrators Society. Their new page archives the work of some of Japan’s finest talent (and provides a somewhat addictive gallery of inspirational material). This was where I found the work of Kondo Yoshie, and her charming illustrated city guides.

I love the idea of having my very own, custom-made, illustrated guide. It makes the act of discovering a new city more personal. Japanese artist Kondo Yoshie turned simple black notebooks into secret tour guides with her beautiful, detailed illustrations. Her project includes small countries like Austria and Belgium, as well as big cities like New York. Be sure to also check out her website: an original source of design inspiration in and of itself.

[Photo credit: c/o Tokyo Illustrators Society]
  • Dina Oltra

    Austria and Belgium are countries NYC only a city…

    • Ella Sparkes

      Is that all you got from looking at these lovely pages?…….sad.

  • Jenny Dabon

    This is very nice.

  • Vicky Fernández

    Ohhhhh! love them! <3

  • Al Heaology

    Thx for sharing, I travel a lot too, so these inspired me so much! But my sketch book’s paper is not really good for water-colour, but watercolour is just so convenient for travelling! Do you bring different kinds of sketch book for watercolour or 1 sketchbook draw by different media?

    This is my first time visited your blog. Your picture just amazing! I am not very good at watercolour, so still working hard on it :)
    I saw you like to use watercolour too, what is your suggestion? :)

    Am a new blogger so browsing around blogs and blogs, I am following you on other social networks, hope we can support each other! <3 Have a good day xxx

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  • Julia Jonathan

    amazingly beautiful, waw

  • lana


  • Kate @ Violetdaffodils

    Wow these are absolutely beautiful illustrations!