MONDAY TUNES: #7 Everywhere

I like songs with a story. Maybe it’s because I like writing them. Stories, I mean. I also like music videos with a story; these short films that reveal a song’s narrative. And then there’s our story; the one that we think about when we hear a song. There’s always a place where we first heard the song, and the people it reminds us of become the characters. It turns out there can be several stories in just one song…

San Fermin: Brooklyn, NY, USA

Alt-J: Leeds, England

The Olms: Los Angeles, CA, USA

Magic Man: Boston, MA, USA

Streets of Laredo: Auckland, New Zealand

Mumm-Ra: Sussex, England

Charles Bradley: Gainsville, FL, USA

Kodaline: Dublin, Ireland

John Legend: Springfiled, OH, USA

[Photo Credit: Carmen Gonzalez]