Given the general subject matter of my blog, I’m surprised it has taken me this long to create a Monday playlist with this theme. But be warned: this is not a “world music” playlist (that genre is bogus anyway, because world music is essentially all music. But that’s a different debate for another day). No, this Monday’s tunes are from different places but also for different places. There is music for lying on a beach, music for the open road, music for dancing, and music for dreaming about dropping everything and going somewhere; anywhere. There are rhythms that will make you want to stop and look at everything closely, but also rhythms that will make your feet itch with the desire to just get up and go.

P.S: Given the length of this playlist, I recommend you listen to the whole thing, uninterrupted, by streaming it on the right sidebar. Enjoy! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Al Bairre: Cape Town, South Africa

Jungle: London, England

Rodrigo Amarante: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Tinariwen: Azawad, Sahara

Yuna: Kedah, Malaysia

ASA: French-Nigerian

Afrocubism: Cuba & Mali

Solletico: Madrid, Spain

Animal Collective: Baltimore, MD, USA

Fatoumata Diawara: Ivory Coast & Mali

Peter, Bjorn & John: Stockholm, Sweden

Emiliana Torrini: Kopavogur, Iceland

Jacques Dutronc: Paris, France

Beirut: Santa Fe, NM, USA

Zee Avi: Borneo, Malaysia

George Harrison: Liverpool, England

Holger: Sao Paolo, Brazil

Anoushka Shankar: Delhi, India

Olof Arnalds: Iceland

Megapuss: Venezuela, Brazil & USA

Conor Oberst: Omaha, NE, USA

PJ Harvey: Dorset, England

The Vaccines: London, England

New Navy: Sydney, Australia

They Might Be Giants: Brooklyn, NY, USA

[Photo Credit: Carmen Gonzalez]