There is a scene in many movies where the girl is in a record/book store, flipping through vinyls/books, and some slick guy comes up next to her to start making conversation about whatever title/artist/author she is looking at. If movies actually depicted reality, that scene could happen in The Truck Store. But in reality, it’s a Hollywood fabrication to appeal to all the hopeless romantics out there, because these indie record stores are fighting to survive and increasingly harder to find! If you read my post about Oxford earlier this week, you may have noticed I mentioned The Truck Store. The shop is a rare gem belonging to the dying breed of independent record stores. It’s a place for vinyl collectors, music connoisseurs, people still stuck in the 80s, and those who believe their life is secretly a movie.With Record Store Day coming up on the 19th of April in the UK, it seemed appropriate to highlight this little record shop; the only one still standing in gig-friendly Oxford – a town that has always been known for its thriving music scene, and for giving us the likes of Radiohead and Foals. The Truck Store recently hosted indie fave We Are Scientists, and has plenty of other gigs lined up including singer-songwriters Liz Green and Ezra Furman.

Some suggest that the “comeback” of vinyl in recent years is contributing to a resurgence of independent music stores, but the fact that they were disappearing to begin with is what led to Record Store Day back in 2007. More than 700 stores in the US came together with local artists to host shows and celebrate their unique culture. The UK followed suit and is now hosting its seventh edition. Check the website for participating stores, and go support the little guys! 
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