I know it has been quiet around here lately… But I can assure you it’s nice to disconnect for a while; enjoy the company of family and friends and step away from the laptop for a few days. Part of this time was spent on the road, driving through vineyards and fields of wheat grass. And as I sit here looking through photos, I wonder if these are scenes people think of when they think of Spain? Most likely they aren’t. Most likely it’s images of white beaches, guitar-playing, and paella that come to mind. Who isn’t guilty of a little stereotyping every now and then. 

When I think of Spain, I think of miles and miles of countryside with fields full of vines or sunflowers or fruit trees. I think of walled cities, Gothic churches, and medieval castles. I think of hearty bean stews and opinionated grandmothers. I think of narrow streets with an uneven footing, and corner bars where people drink their beer and wine in the street. I think of dark, religious paintings by El Greco, the smell of frying garlic, and the liberal use of Spanish swear words. Sure, I also think of sun, sea, and party; but I guess I’m lucky that’s not the only thing that comes to mind when considering “typical Spain”. 

[Photo credit: all photos are mine unless otherwise noted.]