There is something contradictory about “effortless” style: it looks so easy and thoughtless, yet it is often hard to achieve. But Kowtow‘s new collection debunks this. It transpires light and simplicity in every piece. Breezy yet perfectly structured shirts, relaxed but tailored pants, tent dresses with flattering oversized drape… There is something androgynous in an otherwise naturally feminine selection and so, it turns out, Kowtow’s ‘Solid Light’ collection is actually its own kind of contradiction.

This clothing line that hails from New Zealand doesn’t only look good, but is good. When I discovered that their beautiful collections are certified fair trade, made of 100% organic cotton and naturally dyed,  it quickly made it to the top of my list of faves. Kowtow’s entire process, from seed-to-garment is ethical and sustainable, and they guarantee their workers a healthy, safe and fair-income environment.
In a time where quality and life-long durability are no longer given much thought by most brands, Kowtow makes it their priority. They don’t have to choose quality and sustainability over beauty, and their message is loud and clear:  you can be a planet-loving, responsible consumer and still look damn good doing it.
Stay tuned… The ‘Solid Light’ collection is coming out very soon.
[Photo credit: c/o Anyone Girl]