In just over 24 hours, I will be getting on a plane to cross the Mediterranean for Rome. From there I will eventually make my way down and over to Sicily: the ball that the boot kicks, the haven for Italian mafia, the island of volcanos and waters in brilliant blue. In anticipation of such an adventure (and as I sit staring at an empty duffle bag) here’s what my ideal Sicily-bound suitcase would contain…
Since I have been testing the durability of my Birkenstocks‘ soles this summer, it only makes sense that I should pack those babies and wear them over cobblestones, sands, and cliff rocks in Italy. The most comfortable shoe I have ever owned, it’s such a good thing they are back in vogue. And because I usually revolve everything around the pair of shoes I’m going to wear, I’ve been living in black, white and blue. A pair of white jeans and tailored navy shorts are both cool and easy, and I’d wear them with the silk shirt in the evening and the striped tee for the beach. I’m thinking à la Kate Bosworth in ‘And While We Were Here‘ (you’ll really want to go to Italy after watching that movie). The tan bucket bag is a great hold-all that you can just swing over the body and go, unlike with a backpack, where you’d be worrying about those Roman pick-pockets edging the zipper open behind your back. And when it’s beach time, the Italian-made sunglasses with mirrored lenses match the color of Sicilian waters, while the beach print swimsuit is not only a way to blend into the scenery, but also a much happier version of the London-worthy-cloudy-skied piece I currently own. Oh, and the bottle of organic coconut sunscreen goes in there, too; just for good measure.

[Photo credit: 1. Illesteva, 2. Equipment, 3. Zara, 4. Korres, 5. Topshop, 6. Birkenstock, 7. McQ,       8. Madewell, 9. Baggu]


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    Oh, amazing! Loving the swimming suit, so cool <3

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