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The year is coming to a close  and we’re already gearing up for the next 12 months ahead. In honour of the number twelve, here’s a personal kind of list of 12 good things:

1 – St. Vincent‘s most recent self-titled album, which she is now on tour performing. • 2 – An Atlas of Remote Islands which includes 50 islands I have never visited and probably never will. • 3 – My custom-made backpack by Ölend, a brand whose creators I interviewed earlier this year. • 4 – Succulents had a comeback in 2014, and these planters from Etsy are a happy place to keep them. • 5 – Fresh, organic and veggie-friendly food in the heart of Madrid; found at Olivia Te Cuida. • 6 – Palm trees make life seem a little more like a permanent vacation, so why not have it stitched into your cushions by the London-native interior designer Luke Edward Hall? • 7 – Starting a new year means starting a new calendar – this one by Rifle Paper Co. will instil the necessary wanderlust. • 8 – There’s a ways to go until we can wear espadrilles again, but in the meantime, this original pair will wink at you from your closet. • 9 – An ambitious movie premise with three points of view: his, her, and their – The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby, while flawed, has beautiful cinematography and a stunning performance by Jessica Chastain. • 10 – Perhaps not the best turntable out there, but great for nomads as this one can pack up and go. • 11 – The felt fedora also made a comeback this year, and this version by Biltmore & Madewell was designed by the hat genius himself. • 12 – My first experience in solo travel was through Italy this summer, with photographs and memories that continue to make me smile.