walking in Paris

• A writer, currently in Madrid (this isn’t the last city I’ll call home) • I get antsy if I’m in the same place, doing the same thing, for too long • And I change my mind often • Born to an American mother & Spanish father I have lived in China, Spain, U.S.A, France and the U.K • So I don’t really know where I’m “from” • I think French is the most beautiful language in the world, so I moved to Paris • I kept my first travel journal and joined a writing workshop on the 2nd floor of Shakespeare & Co • You might find me in the aisles of secondhand bookstores, or stationery shops. But I also love any kind of market • If I could, I’d always walk barefoot • My list of ‘spots-to-go-to-and-try’ is an entire notebook. In fact, I carry 3 notebooks in my bag with me, everywhere I go • I used to be an obsessive planner; I’m still learning to go with the flow • My first tattoo reads “You make your path by walking it” by Antonio Machado • There are always copies of free airline magazines on my shelves • I want to learn to rock-climb and surf but, for now, yoga is more my speed • I’d steal my brother’s clothes if I had one. But I grew up with an artist and ballerina, who are also my sisters • Brunch is my favorite meal yet I’d eat Pad Thai any day • If I could go anywhere right now, it’d be to see the Northern Lights • I prefer to walk everywhere – the only way to see, feel, and smell a city •

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