red building madridFor someone who currently lives in Madrid, I don’t write nearly enough about this great city. I guess it’s like the saying goes: the grass always seems greener on the other side. Well, the grass is rarely green in dry, sunny Spain – but the sky is (famously) blue, the buildings vibrant, and the lifestyle even more so. So let’s back-track and return to a few of the places I’ve been (re)discovering these past few weeks…

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A pulsating city full of vibrant characters, with history behind every statue and facade, Rome is also home to the best coffee in the world. This city wasn’t built in a day, so you shouldn’t have to see it in one. Finding an authentic and budget-friendly place to rest your head in the Eternal City is no easy feat, but to help you plan, here are the most unique places to stay in Europe’s city that never sleeps. 

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speed sound music magazine

It has been a while since my last Music Monday post. But that doesn’t mean we’re not listening to new tunes over here. Just over a week ago I was invited to the launch party of a new music zine, here in Madrid. Speed Sound Magazine is for people who are always looking for something different to listen to; for open-minded, urban music-lovers. In the editor’s own words: “We want you to discover new young bands, especially national ones, and those from our own city. Because there’s so much talent out there, and we’re tired of seeing the same faces on the cover.” 

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balloonsI am not a seasoned traveler. Far from it. Yet, I’m not embarrassed to admit the staggering number of places I have yet to visit and the idea that there is still so much for me to explore is motivating. Often it is these places which we have not yet seen or known that we romanticize the most. And because it’s January, the month of plans and resolutions, I decided to dream up a list of places I would go to if I could travel anywhere in the world this year, without budgets or limits… (hey, dreaming is free, right?)

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With Black Friday behind us and the city’s Christmas lights on full display, Madrid’s navideño spirit is alive and well. The holidays are only a few weeks away, and while some of us are looking forward to a few days of sleeping in and reading by the fireplace, others are in full-on gift hunting mode and ready to find something for everyone on their list. So, in the spirit of giving, I contributed a guest post over at Naked Madrid about the best Christmas markets going on in the Spanish capital. From pop-ups that only last a few days, to season-long traditional “mercadillos”, these are my recommendations for Madrid’s best Christmas markets.
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I don’t know where the time went. Oh wait, I do know… It got away from me. But I managed to get away from time too and escaped to Paris for a few days. I didn’t have a plan really, and not having one turned out to be the best plan of all. Visiting friends, listening to beautiful French, walking through street markets, and remembering what it was like to live there.

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